Who Am I Now?

This is a One Direction fanfiction. Yeah! so if you don't want to read it then don't.
What happens when One Direction get a helper in their band? Will their be romance? frustration? hate? disappointment? drama? *wink*
Really wil there.
You know I'm just going to wing it soo yeah......


8. Chapter 7

* Skip to Lunch *

I walked to the cafeteria and grabbed some food. I walked to the end of a table that wad lonely. Then I saw Sam. "Look who's here" she said laughing. I looked at my tray of food biting into an apple. "What you didn't get the job?" She said jokingly. I smirked and looked at her. "Actually i did" She had a look that could only be described as if she had just seen a ghost. "Don't lie to me Bitch" she yelled at me. Why should be able to call me a bitch? She is a spoiled bitch. Why does she hate me so much? I stood up and slapped her. Everyone gasped and I asked her, "Why are you always being such a bitch to me? You're my fucking cousin but everyday you go on bullying me. She had her hand in her cheek and slapped me back. As soon as I l knew it we were in a fight. I swung and threw her to the floor. I climbed on her and kept punching. The fight was ended when the principal walked in. He separated us and we were sent to the office. I had to go in after Sam and her parents came and were surprised when they found out that it was me fighting . I walked in and sat down as they left the room. "Miss is there an adult that we can contact to inform about your behavior?" He asked. "Actually there are a couple" I grabbed my phone and texted the boys.

Me: u guys I got into sme trouble @ skool and I was wonderin if u can come?

CurlyPsycho: Wat did u do? Watever be rite ther

Leprechaun: Im comin. I'll bring the others. xoxo

ZeeThatdude?: Ok. Comin.

Lilooo: What did you do?

FiveYearOldLou: W3R3 0N 0UR W4Y


Well they got here. "What did you do, Rai?" asked Zayn as he grabbed me from the shoulders. I scratched the top of my head and looked at them. "Well...um.." I paused as I bit my lip. "I got into a fight with my cousin." Before I looked down at the floor I saw that Liam was disappointed and the others were surprised. Liam and Zayn walked with me to the principal's office and talked about it. The other boys came in a couple minutes later.

I tuned most of it out. Why did I do it? I mean I have no cuts no bruises nothing.. But she. I did kind of go over board you know by swing her around. I guess I should've never done it. I don't know why I did it. I do have a bit of remorse for it. I guess it was wrong. I started to listen on what they were talking about.

"I think that Raine maybe suspended" said the principal.

"Actually, today is the last ay she'll be here" said Liam.

"Why is that?" he asked.

"The reason is that she was hired to come on tour and play with us" added Zayn.

Are they trying to sound all gown up?

"I see. Well then I think you are of the hook. I don't really think anything that severe was going to happen analyzing your record, so far." said the principal.

"So do we need to take her home?" asked Harry. Of course he's been wanting me to come over since the morning.

"I guess if you want to." stated the principal. Me and the boys walked out waving goodbye. I walked to my locker and grabbed the text books I still haven't turned in. "You guys I need to give these to my teachers" I said handing each one of them a book except Niall he had my backpack. I checked the time. "You guys we better hurry before the bell rings" I stated.

"Why?" asked Niall munching on a cookie I had in my locker.

"Because this is High school and you guys are One Direction." I looked at them.

"What's the worst that can happen?" asked Harry.

"You'll get groped" I said jokingly.

We headed to my classes and turned the books in before the period was over. We were near the front of the school when the bell rang. "Damn!" I said a bit hushed. I heard screaming and then  saw girls and a few boys run to us. The boys began to run. I told them. I'm not going to say that someone grabbed them, no. They grabbed me. It was Sam. She grabbed me by the neck and slammed me to the locker. I looked at her and laughed as I punched her in the stomach. As soon as she lost her grip I pushed her off me and ran out.

The boys were already waiting for me in the van. I climbed in and sat next to Niall and Zayn. "So what happened? Why did you stay back?" asked Liam. "Um... no reason" I responded. I leaned my head on Niall's shoulder and he whispered to me "what really happened?" I  looked him in the eyes and said,"I'll tell you later." We drove to my apartment and picked up my stuff. I gave the apartment key to the landlord and headed back to the van with the boys carrying my stuff.

We put it in the back and got back into our original seats, except that Zayn and Harry traded. I fell asleep on the way to there place and was once again leaning on Niall."Rai, wake up" I heard a couple of voices say. I opened my eyes. My vision was blurred. Before it was back to normal, I could tell that it was Niall and Harry. I got off Niall and got out the van after Harry.

We walked into the house and grabbed some food. I helped the boys cook. We made some spaghetti. I also toasted some bread to go along. I served the plates and gave them to the boys. We all ate happily.

Eating Chart 

Louis T. ~ 1 1/2 plates

Harry S. ~ 2 plates

Zayn M. ~ 2 1/3 plates

Liam P. ~ 2 2/3 plates

Niall H. ~ 4 plates

Raine D. ~ 3 plates

"Are you full yet?" I asked Niall. he burped and answer, "I think." "You think, I think you might of had too much." I said laughing at him. I checked the time and said, "You guys we have a few more hours till four." "Four?" asked Harry. "Yeah, four so we can be there before five." Don't worry he had a slow moment.   






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