Who Am I Now?

This is a One Direction fanfiction. Yeah! so if you don't want to read it then don't.
What happens when One Direction get a helper in their band? Will their be romance? frustration? hate? disappointment? drama? *wink*
Really wil there.
You know I'm just going to wing it soo yeah......


6. Chapter 6

~next morning~

Raine POV

I woke up and rubbed my eyes. I fluttered them open and got off my bed. I walked over to my mirror and stared into my eyes. Then I grabbed a towel and headed to the bathroom. I got into the shower and enjoyed the nice warm shower. I stepped out and went back to my bedroom. I slipped on my under clothes and walked to my closet. I picked out a dark purple t-shirt and some black skinny jean, a black and white belt, and some dark purple flat to match. I fixed my mess mistreated hair and grabbed m bacpack i headed out the door and got into my car. I drove to scho and walked in. I walked to my licker and threw my backpack inside collecting my stuff for first and second period. I went my first period, and sat in the back of the class in the corner. I felt my phone vibrate and hid it behind my text book. It was from Harry.

CurlyPsycho: Wyd?

Me: Im in class in skool.

CurlyPsycho: Ur txtin my durin class?

Me:Yea. So

CurlyPsycho: R u gonna stop?

Me: idk r u?

CurlyPsycho: Nope. 

Me: y not?

Curly Psycho: Becuz i dont want to

Me: Alright then

CurlyPsycho: R u okay from yesterday?

Me: Yea   Im fine. How bout u?

CurlyPsycho: Im ok just a bit bored without u :/

Me: Dont flirt with me btw i'll b ther in a few hours

CurlyPsycho: Okay :(

Me: Bye Harry & say hi to the others for me. OXOXO

i locked my phone and shoved it back into my pocket. I looked back to the dront of the class as the teaxhet kept talking and going on and on about her life. I don't care about her life I really shouldn't of stopped texting Harry. Oh well, what ever...


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