Who Am I Now?

This is a One Direction fanfiction. Yeah! so if you don't want to read it then don't.
What happens when One Direction get a helper in their band? Will their be romance? frustration? hate? disappointment? drama? *wink*
Really wil there.
You know I'm just going to wing it soo yeah......


3. Chapter 3

"So, Did you drive here?" asked Zayn. "No, I can drive but my place is only about 3 blocks away" I replied. "Okay so who wants to drive?" asked Loui. "I will" I said laughing. Louis teased me. He acted like he threw the keys at me but then he just kept them. "Come on you don't where we live" he smirked putting his arms together. I chuckled and said, "C'mon let's just go Dude. I've been waiting to get out of here for a long ass time." I said. "Hey, I never thought you would curse" Harry said with a slight pout. I shrugged my shoulders and walked out with the others behind me.

We walked to the parking lot and then they ran over to a van. Louis unlocked the van and we got in. I was sitting in the passenger seat and Lou was driving. Harry kept playing music on his phone. Honestly it was okay but  you see I don't listen to most songs like that. "Harry let me put on a song" I told him. He gave me his phone and I searched up a song they might like better from all the rock. I put on Lost In You by Three Days Grace. 

"Do you guys like it" I said smiling as I turned around to look at them. There was really not much expression on their faces. Niall was eating the whole time. "Niall do you have anymore food?" I asked he nodded and tossed a bag of chips at me. "Whoa. Niall must really like you if he is willing to give you a whole bag of chips." said Zayn

I smiled and asked,"How come?" Harry chuckled saying, "because last time Niall tried to eat Zayn's hand because of a chip" Niall then responded loudly saying," In my defense it was my last chip" I laughed at how silly they were. I began to go through my thoughts as I changed the song. I put on a Nickelback song, um.. Rockstar. Harry actually began to sing it.

"Harry do you know who Nickelback are?" I questioned raising my eyebrow. He laughed and said "Yes. Actually before the band I actually performed at one of their concerts." It was kind of nice to know they didn't hate my music. I sang along to it too. Can't help it. Then I started to hear someone play the guitar. I looked back and saw Niall using my guitar. He looked at me and said "Sorry I couldn't help it" "It's okay Niall" I responded. 

"I want you guys to know that it's been a long time since I've actually been this happy and all because of you guys" I paused and said,"You should feel special. They laughed and then I joined in. "We are here!" Louis said as we pulled into a drive way of a large house. "whoa" I said with my jaw dropped. So I guess this is where we will be hanging out.

I stepped out of the van admiring the scene. "You know, I can get lost really easy" I said to Liam. He grinned and said "Then I'll be your GPS." I looked at the ground and smiled. "So can we go inside now?" asked Loui. "Sure" I said as Liam extended his hand out so I would come along. I walked along inside the house with them.

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