Mikky France Aka. Death

So mortal what's up I'm death so you probably are like Mikky is a girls name and your supposed to be the Grim Reaper or whatever. Well that's my dad and we sort of battled to the death. I won he's gone and I'm going to change the way death works you might like it, but will God?


3. Why Death?

Mikky's P.OV

While I walk up this steps to heaven I think about who I am. I am Mikky, Mikky Dren France, also known as Death. I can be both mortal and spirit. I kill people for no exact reason. I do it just because God wants it. Does God know it hurts to lose someone. I'm  pretty sure he doesn't since all he does is receive people who have died not take them.

Do I actually want that as  job?

As I walk I notice God is waiting for me.



"What do you mean?"

"Yes, I know how it feels to lose someone."


"The Bible doesn't have all the answers you know."

"But how?"

"I'll tell you inside."

I nodded walking with him to his "office".

God has a office?

God's P.OV

I can't believe I God am telling a soul eater this. I really shouldn't do this. This is our destiny I must.



"Have you ever read the Bible Mikky?"

"It's not really something mortal soul eaters do."

"Well, In the Bible it only talks about how I created the Earth. Not how I was created."

"Well, will you tell me."


She shifted a little to get comfort.


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