Mikky France Aka. Death

So mortal what's up I'm death so you probably are like Mikky is a girls name and your supposed to be the Grim Reaper or whatever. Well that's my dad and we sort of battled to the death. I won he's gone and I'm going to change the way death works you might like it, but will God?


2. Prologue

     Mikky's P.O.V

I never loved my father enough to not fight him to the death. He was wicked and most of all he killed my mother. Just because she was a mortal. So now that God has summoned us to fight till death. I want to go all out and show no mercy. I hope that I win for my mother, but even if I die I will be with her.


God's P.OV

My dear Mikky shall fight today for her throne as "Death Queen". Well she doesn't know it yet, but she has an amazing future ahead of her. "Let the Fight begin." I scream towards the arena. I don't have a destiny for much soul eaters, but Mikky is different and this battle will prove it.


Mikky's P.OV

"I love you baby girl." I hear my dad say sarcastically. I wish I felt the same way I feel like saying while I could get my chainsaw out and fling it towards his head, but I'm not that mean. He thinks I'm dumb, but I use my "gifts" to my own use. I walk towards him and say "Daddy I don't want to fight you I love you.". He falls for it opening his arms for a hug. Him not knowing I have a blade behind me as I run. I wonder when I became so evil. Oh well, it's in my blood.


I hug him and slowly stab him in the back feeling the blade go deeper into his human formed body. I smile "That was for mommy." I say with my five year old mimicking voice. He slowly falls while I hear applause from all the souls he has captured. The last thing he says is "I'm sorry." does he think I'll fall for it did he?


"Come to the heavens Mikky or shall I say Death Queen." I hear God say. Death Queen? I think I like Death better.

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