Mikky France Aka. Death

So mortal what's up I'm death so you probably are like Mikky is a girls name and your supposed to be the Grim Reaper or whatever. Well that's my dad and we sort of battled to the death. I won he's gone and I'm going to change the way death works you might like it, but will God?


5. Pandora's Box

"Let me take this burden off your chest."

The voice repeats itself while I feel a bubbly liquid spill off my head. It stings tremendously as I open my eyes to a blur of a rising flame. I move my aching hand towards my head and feel a thick liquid and when find the strength to open my eyes I see bubbling blood disintegrate my fingers. I move quickly my body burning the small bits of energy as I begin to rapidly wipe my hands on anything I can feel. I smell smoke and open my eyes once more to see flames bleeding through my shirt onto my scared chest and feeling the heat on my body. As I watch the killer finish me a blue flame. I begin to fade away until I hear a voice screaming, " Michel Nati France? Michel! Michel! Ms. France?"

I wake up in a barn. A normal civilized barn. It looks like one of my mortal friend's barn. I see here a gun and pitchforks. I look around a see a poster.

It says ' Have you been fooled by God? Have you finally seen the light about the so called 'Judgement Day'? It's time to end it!! Today (11/11/9999) We shall ambush the heavens by destroying all Church's get all your friends and familly and attack?"  

I try to understand what is going on but before I get to pray to God. I notice my hands are burned and start to stand. To look for something to cover it with so I can pray for healing. I am about to get  a cloth when I feel someone breathing on my neck. I start to turn around slowly remembering I am not to far from the gun a pitchfork so I should not be afraid. 

When finally turn I am relieved to Mati my friend she looks pleased and hugs me. Before I can ask her what is going on she begins to speak.

"I'm so happy you woke up. It's been a while. Come on were late!"

"For what?" 

"The Ambush silly."

"Yeah I can't wait." I say but, I didn't say that. I'm against this. Right.

Before I can continue Mati grabs a pitchfork and hands me the gun. We begin to run out the barn but, I feel like this isn't me or Mati. Mati could never do this she is 100% percent God. She's like a teenage nun. This isn't real I tell myself but my body keeps going like I don't control it.

We end up at our local church. I see alot of people with all kinds of weapons you could imagine. I see the first person about to shot. It's my crush Andrew. He has a lit pamphlet of his bow and arrow. I'd hate to shot him but aI must I use all of my remaining and shot him. I then scream, "Ambush Mati 'The Traitor'!" A crowd of men and women run towards Mati unlike them I run toward the pamphlet and take it before turn to ashes. As the pamphlet begins to burn my hands I blow it out and put it in my pocket as I get dizzy and feel a sharp pain in my back as an arrow kills me.

I wake up in a hospital bed hearing a familiar voice say, "Pandora's Box."

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