Dancing Queen: A Harry Styles Fanfic

When Rylee,a directioner,becomes friends with one direction,
she becomes closest to Harry, they become so close that they
act that they're brother and sister,but what happens when Harry
starts to develop feelings for Rylee


6. The questions are rolling in

Vi's POV- I was acutually nervous to play twenty questions with the boys, they would get to learn about us, but it would be kind of weird since every chance we got, we basically looked up anything and everything ,and we would always find something to do with them. I would always look up stuff on Zayn, Ari would always look up stuff on Niall and Liam, and in some cases,she would look up things that had to do with Niam, she shipped them like it was the end of the world, and it was getting super annoying, Rylee on the other hand, was obssessed with Harry and Louis, and she shipped Larry Stylinson, but not as much as Ari shipped Niam. I was lost in my own world until the game began, First we played never have I ever, it went something along this:

H: I'll start off, I'll say something and if you've never done it raise your hand, ok?

A,R,V: Got it

H: never have I ever, hmmm, had my first kiss

the girls raise their hands and they begin to blush 

R: ok, my turn, never have I ever gotten my ears pierced 

Lou: never have I ever gotten a Lamborghini 

Z: never have I ever gone to Italy 

Li: never have I ever been able to pronounce the word 'Directioner' right

N: never have I ever laughed so hard with you guys 

Everyone puts down a finger

Harry's POV- When I started the questions and realized that Rylee never had a first kiss, I was shocked, I mean,come on, who wouldn't want to have her as a girlfriend, I get this feeling in my stomach whenever I'm near her, every time I look at her, I just want her to be mine, and no one else's, I'm am going to be her boyfriend, I'll win her over, and I'll be her first kiss, it'll be perfect. I just got the perfect idea, " lets play 20 questions" "ok" Rylee said, wanting to get to know us better, most likely

H: what are your full names

R: Rylee Elizabeth Mayfield

A: Arielle Francesca Davies

V: Violet Ann Summers

L: Favorite colors?

R: Blue,Green,White, basically anything that reminds me of the ocean or the pool, I really like swimming, my parents have a beach house in the hamptons and they have a gigantic pool there with water slides, and we go there every summer, and from the minute that we get there to the minute that we leave, I'll always be in the pool, I guess it's the only place I can act however I want, for as long as I want every day. I just love it, it's like my sanctuary, if people look forward to the pool closing every summer, I shun them, it's as easy as that.

A: green, favorite by a long shot

V: I would say black, maybe, I'm not sure

then Arielle had a good idea, just because she wanted to annoy me and Rylee, because we couldn't take our eyes off of each other, she just had to go and say " let's play truth or dare" , so I did what any logical person would do, I agreed " ok, lets play" and with that, I knew that I made the wrong move, this was going to be a long night



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