Dancing Queen: A Harry Styles Fanfic

When Rylee,a directioner,becomes friends with one direction,
she becomes closest to Harry, they become so close that they
act that they're brother and sister,but what happens when Harry
starts to develop feelings for Rylee


2. The dance recital and nerves

Ari's POV- Rylee,Vi,and I are practicing for our dance recital, Rylee I think is the best at dancing because she's been dancing here for the past eight years, while Vi and I joined this year, I am so nervous for this recital, we've practiced for almost five whole months, and I think Rylee's the best of all of us,mostly because she has expierience. We apparently have a theme for every dance recital,last year it was under the sea, this year we are doing a one direction themed recital,and the three of us are so excited. We have exact replicas of the clothes that they wore in the what WMYB,LWWY,and OWOA music videos. I love dancing, it's my life, but I've only danced in my room,never in front of almost 100 people. Vi was so worried she was going to do bad, but she's never even danced in her room,and let's be serious here for a minute, at first she was dancing like she had two left feet,it was quite funny at first. We were split into two groups the advanced group got LWWY, and the beginners got WMYB, Me and Vi were so excited,that's our favorite song from the boys, and I was a little jealous of Rylee, she got to dance along to the song where Niall acutually is shirtless, I mean come on, who doesn't wanna see Niall shirtless? No one direction fan, that's who.

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