Dancing Queen: A Harry Styles Fanfic

When Rylee,a directioner,becomes friends with one direction,
she becomes closest to Harry, they become so close that they
act that they're brother and sister,but what happens when Harry
starts to develop feelings for Rylee


4. Mr.Tomlinson

Louis's POV: Me and the boys just got back to the hotel when my phone started to play 'Nobody Compares', my Mom's ringtone, as I answered it, Haz pushed me off of the couch, I was so gonna get him back, but back to the phone call,

Phone Convo:

L: Hey Mom, what's up?

LM(Louis's Mom): nothing much,how was the tour?

L: good, the crowd was amazing,I don't think that we will ever pay back the fans for all their support, they've been through hell and back with all the rumors and all the so called 'bromances' in the band, so what do you wanna talk about?

LM: I was wondering if you could probably come down to the dance studio and meet one of my friends from high schools daughter and some of her friends?

L: yeah sure, Give me 15 minutes, and I'll be there

LM: I love you,sweetheart,I'll see you soon 

L: Love you too,mom,see you soon

LM: bye

L: bye

Phone Convo Ended


Ari's POV: I think me,Rylee,and Vi all were nervous,we were meeting 1/5 of ONE FREAKING DIRECTION FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, but we have to not fangirl around him, which will be very hard to do, I just really want to know the Louis William Tomlinson that's not the Louis in one direction, I want to know what he's really likes, all the details of how he fell in love with Eleanor, this would be even better if I got to meet Eleanor, I just want more girls that I can hang out with, I mean,yeah, Rylee and Vi are a lot of fun to be around,I mean A LOT, they are like sisters to me,but sometimes they can get on your nerves, then I heard a voice that I only heard on YouTube, "Hi,I'm Louis" I didn't know how to react so I only did what I knew how to do, I stuttered " H-Hi, I-I'm Arielle, but my friends call me Ari." " what about you?" He asked Rylee " I'm Rylee" Rylee said,she was trying not to scream her head off, she was the most obssessed out of the three of us,and sometimes it could get pretty annoying. Lastly,there was Vi, "I'm Violet, but my friends call me Vi" " nice to finally meet you all, I've heard a lot about all of you" " is that supposed to be a good thing or a bad thing" Rylee said hoping that she would get Louis to laugh,at least a little,Louis started to chuckle as he said," I would never say bad things about you girls,even though I just met you I know better then to treat girls like shit, only jerks would do that", Vi looked like that she was about to cry,and you know it would either be something pretty bad, or something really nice someone just said that got to her " I hope you would never do that to us" " I know this is really soon and all but do you wanna meet the rest of the band?" "We'd love to" I said, this just proved that he liked us and wanted to be friends with us, just imagine it , three ordinary girls, meet one direction and become their friends, this was not the beginning,I hoped,and with that we got in his car and headed off to the boys hotel that they were staying at


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