Dancing Queen: A Harry Styles Fanfic

When Rylee,a directioner,becomes friends with one direction,
she becomes closest to Harry, they become so close that they
act that they're brother and sister,but what happens when Harry
starts to develop feelings for Rylee


5. Meeting the boys

Louis's POV-"I'm going to call the lads first, so just wait here, I'll be back in 5 minutes" As I left the studio I saw the girls start to jump around and then I heard the music blaring from outside, I should really have that room sound proofed, but I called the first person I knew that helped me out of anything and everything I got my self into,as I scrolled the contacts to search his name I wondered if the boys would really like the girls, they were super nice,funny,quirky, and quiet at some times, they were just like us in female form, then I found his contact, Hazza Styles, I clicked the call button and waited until after two rings until he picked up

Phone Convo:

H: what's up Tommo?

L: nothing much Hazza, what about you?

H: nothing much, except Taylor broke up

L: I knew there was something up between you two, why did you break up?

H: our schedules were conflicting with each others life

L: can I tell you something,Haz?

H: you know that you can always come to me for anything,right Lou?

L: I know that, to tell you the truth me and the boys didn't like her at all

H: why?

L: she was forcing you to fly back forth to see her when we weren't rehearsing at the venues or recording or anything, and to be honest I was kind of glad that you two finally broke up

H: I know, so am I, and I already knew that she was pulling me away from you guys, I just wanted to hear one of you guys say it first

L: I'm soo gonna get you for that Styles

H: sure you are Tommo,sure you are, so what did you want to talk to me about 

L: oh right, can I have my Mom's friends daughter and her friends come over?

H: that depends, are the fit?

L: figures,you, the flirt,would say that, but can I?

H: sure, just let me warn the boys

L: fine,we'll be there in about 10 minutes, so you better clean up the flat,Styles,Or else

H: or else what

L: I'll straighten your hair in your sleep,so you better sleep with one eye open,if you don't 

H: fine,see you in about 10 minutes

L: ok bye

Phone Convo Ended

Rylee's POV- me and the girls were dancing around the entire studio when Louis walked in, he just stared at us, so I did what I did best, I used my sarcastic remarks, " Louis,don't stand there with your mouth open, you're gonna catch flies" he instantly closed his mouth and said while walking outside "we've got to go,the boys are expecting us in ten minutes" he said while he turned the key into the ignition of the car, and we headed off, I hope they like me, 

Ari's POV- as we rolled into the driveway, I just looked at the mansion they lived in, it sorta looked like a hotel, and Louis right on cue said " this isn't our house, it's the hotel we are staying at" okay, that just proves how dumb I looked at that exact moment, Louis opened the door, and yelled at the top of his lungs "Lads, we're home" then we all see the four other members we all know from the Internet come running down the stairs,almost tripping over each other on the way down, I was overwhelmed,Liam being the mature one out of the group,said " I'm Liam,that's Harry,that's Niall and that's Zayn" he said gesturing to the boys,Rylee being her bubbly self said while trying not to scream said" nice to meet you all I'm Rylee, this is Arielle, but we call her Ari, and that is Violet, we call her Vi" " nice to finally meet you all, we've heard Louis bragging to us that he was bringing some girls over, but I didn't think that he would bring such pretty girls with him" Harry said, his eyes never leaving Rylee's, Rylee had the biggest crush on Harry, and I think that Harry likes Rylee, I couldn't stop staring, two reasons, 1) NIALL FREAKING HORAN WAS BLUSHING AND HE WAS LOOKING AT ME 2) I WAS MAKING NIALL FREAKING HORAN BLUSH, calm down Ari, don't rush into this,maybe he might be hot, it is rather warm in here,Vi noticing that I'm daydreaming pulls me out of my trance by saying, "So, what do you guys want to do now?"  Then Zayn says " how about we play 20 questions so we can know each other better?" " sure" I said thinking that it was a good idea, obviously I was wrong


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