Through My Eyes: a One Direction FanFic

Hi. I'm Sophie, and this is my story:
My mum died when I was two and left me and my father together, alone. That was the worst decision my Mum ever made. And ever since intermediate school, my father turned into a beast. He's abused me. He's hurt me. He's scarred me. He's the most horible person on earth, and tonight's the night I will escape from the prison that I used to call home.


3. Our first night

Once we got to Harry's flat, it had stopped raining. He gave me his jacket to wear till we got inside. Once we got inside Harry said "follow me love, let's go get you dried off." "Ok" I replied. We walked upstairs and went in the bathroom where he got me towels and I dried myself off. He gave me one of his t-shirts to wear for the night. "You want some tea to help you warm up love?" Boy I loved hearing him call me 'love'. "Sure, I could go for some tea" "alright you go sit on the couch and turn on whatever you want to on the Telly." "Ok". I sat down and turned the tv on. I flipped through the channels till I found Finding Nemo, I LOVE this movie! "Finding Nemo?" Harry startled me, I didn't know he was right there. I jumped. "Ah! Oh Harry, you scared me there!" "Hahahahahaha" "hahahahaha" "here's your tea." "Thanks" "no worries love" I smiled at him. "Harry," "yes love?" "I want to thank you for everything you've done for me, I feel like I don't deserve it,..." "Nonsense! After all you've been through, you deserve a fresh start" "you really think so?" " of course love!" I smiled. "I'm tired, I think I'm gonna go to bed." "Ok love, goodnight" "goodnight" I went upstairs and went to sleep. 
                                                                              *            *             *
Harry: I got tired after a while so I put Sophie's and my cups in the sink and went to bed. There was something about her that I liked, she's... different. But I like it. She didn't freak out when she saw me and didn't mention anything about one direction. That was nice, she might not even know who I or One Direction was. Well that's not true, A LOT of people know about One Direction, so I have no doubt she knows at least who I am and who One Direction is. Oh well. At least she didn't make a scene about it. It's midnight I should fall asleep any minute now.....

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