Through My Eyes: a One Direction FanFic

Hi. I'm Sophie, and this is my story:
My mum died when I was two and left me and my father together, alone. That was the worst decision my Mum ever made. And ever since intermediate school, my father turned into a beast. He's abused me. He's hurt me. He's scarred me. He's the most horible person on earth, and tonight's the night I will escape from the prison that I used to call home.


4. Falling in love...

Sophie: I woke up around 11 by Harry, I could smell the pancakes and bacon from here. I got up and combed my hair befor walking down the stairs to find Harry, making pancakes and bacon. "Good morning" "Morning love, you know, I was planing to have breakfast in bed with you..." "Who says we still can't, we can go and eat in your room." "Ok, if you say so love."  "I do say so" we shared a nice laugh for a while. "It's ready, lets go" "ok" we ate breakfast and hung out for a little while. It was a lot of fun, and I think I'm falling for Harry, but I don't know if he's falling for me…
                                                                                      *              *              *
Harry: OMG... I think I'm falling for Sophie! She has a great personality and she's really funny and smart and pretty... Anyways, I don't know how to tell her, if I should tell her anyways. I'm confused I think I'll wait for the right moment. I think I'll take her to dinner and tell her. It has to be perfect. 
                                                                                      *              *            *
The day went by in a breeze, now it's 11 pm, an I cannot sleep, I've tried everything but I just can't fall asleep cause in too nervous for tomorrow. Oh well, I'll fall asleep eventually...

Sophie: I can't sleep, I keep thinking about Harry. He's cute, flirtatious, funny, smart, has a great personality, has BEAUTIFUL eyes and those DIMPLES! Ahh! He's perfect! I really REALLY like him, but I don't know how to tell him... Oh! I'll tell him tomorrow, he says we are going to a really nice dinner tomorrow! I'll tell him then. *yawn* I'm getting tired, I think I'll go to sleep.... And dream of Harry and tomorrow......

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