I just kill

I just kill is about a boy who kills and only on girl knows!


1. Come with me

Once there was a boy named nick that loved to KILL  he was 16 when he stared to kill now he is 17. 

He is  still in school and a girl in he's class was his next target . The girls named was Mia she was 16, so 

One day nick walked up to Mia  he ask her to dinner . And Mia said No nick said why? Mia said I know you kill! 

Nick said if you tell any one I will kill you Mia! Mia's friend kloey  came up and said heyy Mia come to my houes today. Ok  kkloey when kloey left nick grabbed Mia and ran and ran. Tell he go to his car. Then derived to his houes . It was a good long 30 mmind when they got there Mia stared to yell scream but. No all could here her.

when Mia was in the houes she saw girls butts, boobies . All of them were ded and naked there was about

20 ded  girls in the bastment 



           What's next? Part one

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