It Cant Get Worse, Right?

Cassie, only 16, bullied, abused, and doesn't think she will ever be loved, until he showed up. Who is he? Will he save her? Problem is, he is in One Direction.


5. ZAYN?!?!

     Hmm. I wondered around trying to find some food when bam. I was on the ground bleeding.

   "OH MY GOSH! Im so sorry!" it was Zayn. he was in a panic.

   "Im good!" I got up at washed the blood off my face and me and Zayn talked and ate. I feel content.

  "and than I screamed 'That's what she said'' we burst out laughing and I looked at the clook 3:30 pm

time flys. ''well im goin to lay down for a bit. see ya  Malik!'' I kissed his cheek and walked off. he was like my brother.

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