It Cant Get Worse, Right?

Cassie, only 16, bullied, abused, and doesn't think she will ever be loved, until he showed up. Who is he? Will he save her? Problem is, he is in One Direction.


2. I am out of hell!!! but who took me to heaven?

  "ok so clothes, packed, shoes, packed, money, in purse, cell, perfect,'' I finished my check list and ran towards the door as he woke up. I broke into a sprint, he was following me but couldn't keep up. now where do I go? ugh. than it hit me, liget.

  ''ow! Who are you? and watch it!'' I screamed at the guy as he picked me up bridal style.

  "Im Harry. And you need help. Cmon." he carried me to a orange JEEP! Holly Crap!

  "I-Im Cassie. and thanks. how did ya know I needed help?'' I was happy and all but I need to know.

 "I was watching you run. I saw the guy and noticed all your cuts, so I thought why not help."

 "thanks you saved my life." I looked down as the tears fell. I cant be strong any more. I felt helpless and weak so, like any normal 16 year old, I fell asleep.

    I woke up in Harry's arms. I WOKE UP IN HARRY'S ARMS?!?!

  "what the-''

  "oh your awake. Want some food, the lads wannna meet you."

 :s-sure" is all I could say.

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