It Cant Get Worse, Right?

Cassie, only 16, bullied, abused, and doesn't think she will ever be loved, until he showed up. Who is he? Will he save her? Problem is, he is in One Direction.


3. Crushing on Harry, no Liam. no Zayn. no Niall.

  Harrys POV

   After I got the sleeping little Cassie home. I meet with the lads.

  "so who was the girl?'' oh Louis.

   "she is the girl harry has been keeping an eye on remember? He wants to help he, not hook up with her right harry?" Liams voice went from fun to serious.

 ''Li how dare you?" I acted hurt.

  "hey do we have any like crisps? Or what?'' Oh Niall.

  '' I don't know but im going back to bed with Cassie. she seems cold." I left the room, got changed in to um sweat pants. and than I climbed into bed.

        I think I love her.

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