Caroline has always wondered about her old bully in highschool, Harry Styles. Once she finally moves to London to persue her dream in becomeing a artist, she reincounters her long lost bully and finds out, maybe you REALLY dont know someone by their actions.


3. Tonight...

Its time for me to go hangout with harry. The thought of calling it a date just sickens me. Actually even GOING makes me want to throw up. But a promise is a promise, no matter how much you hate the person you made it to.

i drive over to the park. It was a little hard to fibd considering i only just moved here literally a day ago but i managed to find my way there pretty quickly. 

I decided to curl my hair and just wear a floral top, light skinny jeans and brown combat boots. I didnt wanna be all 'girly gurl' because if you know me im NOTHING like that.

i walk over to a nearby bench and see harry sitting down wearing a white v-neck dark skinny jeans and white converse shoes.

"wow. You look great Caroline!" He says. I HATE to admit this, but i think i blushed a little...

"umm.. Thanks?" I said with confusion in my voice. "Harry what the hell happned?"

"what do u mean?"

"u hated me abd called me ugly and stupid and joked about my MOTHER!" And now you like 'wow u look greattttt!!!"

"caroline.." He grabs my hand but i quickly pull away. 

"What?" I snap at him.

"i was a jerk."

"i know" i say with a slight but of laughter.

"look, the truth is.... My dad abused me... And he left me and my family at an early age."

"im sorry to hear that harry but what has got to do wirh you bullying me?!!"

"i thought you were cute... And i stikk think you are."

"My ass!!!!" I yell with anger.

"is fine..." I hear him mumble with a quite flirty tone. I guess i wasnt suppost to hear that.

"look caroline, i know this will not be easy for you to just say yes right away but can we start over? Ill treat you better than anyone ever has before. I promise." He says

"ummm... _____"


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