Caroline has always wondered about her old bully in highschool, Harry Styles. Once she finally moves to London to persue her dream in becomeing a artist, she reincounters her long lost bully and finds out, maybe you REALLY dont know someone by their actions.


1. That Boy...

     He never was nice to me... How can he suddenly love me?


"Wah wah little baby going to go and cry to her wittle mommy!! Oh wait! She doesnt have one!" Harry says with evil laughter while punching me multiple times in the stomach.  But that pain was nothing compared to him telling me over and over about my moms death.

"Harry! stop please! It hurts!" I cry.

"good!"He says.  I manage to get out of his grasp and run out of the school. My dad would kill me if he found out i left school early so i just went to the park. I was stumbling, crying my eyes out as i was running there, hoping no one would see me in this condition...

I sit down on a bench and sob into my hands. why me? Why did he have to do this. i never did anything to him!


**2 Years Later**

"Flight 102 to London now boarding"

Finally! Out of Holmes chaple! All the bad memories totally gone. Oh yeah remember harry? Well he went to the X-factor and now he's in a band with 4 other boys aswell. If you ask me he does NOT deserve this, but i bet all the fangirls drooling over him would disagree...


Even though i want to be an artist. I obly have a little money to actually live so i have to get a job. I head to my new apartment and unpack everything and get everything all set up. Its 11:00 pm by the time im done so i decide to just go to sleep.


In the morning, i go to starbucks to start y first day at work. My boss is very nice, her name is Kelly. She hands me my ubiform and i go get changed quickly.

i just start my shift when already a boy with frighting familiar curly hair walks in with a pair of dark shades. He walks up to me at the counter.

"Hello and welcome to starbucks. What may i get you?" I say. He slowly takes down his sunglasses and has bright green eyes. Crap! Its harry!! I start to shake very badly and he sees me.

"are you ok lo-..... Caroline?!?! Is that you?!" He says with he deep voice.

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