Caroline has always wondered about her old bully in highschool, Harry Styles. Once she finally moves to London to persue her dream in becomeing a artist, she reincounters her long lost bully and finds out, maybe you REALLY dont know someone by their actions.


4. Over Again

"Maybe" i say.

"What do you mean by maybe?" Harry asks.

"Harry, what you did really hurt me and i cant just forgive you because you said a couple of nice things to me. You're lucky im even talking to you after all you did." I say with a light tear stroll down my face.

He wipes away the tear," Please dont cry Caroline.."

I immeaditly slap away his hand from my face. "Dont touch me!" I say coldly.

"Sorry.." Harry mumbles sadly. We both sit there awkwardly for a few minutes before i decide to speak up and try to be nice.

"Look harry, i never said we couldn't EVER start over... It's just i cannot really trust you right now."

"I totally understand." Harry says," but can i please make it up to you tomorrow?" He says very kindly.

i pause for a moment trying to think. "Fine." I stammer. Harry has a large smile of his face. Me almost melting into those dimples of his, another quality i adored about him. He hands me a piece of paper with his number on it. I quickly grab a pen and write my number on his hand.

"ill pick you up at around 5:00 tomorrow?" He asks.

"Yeah, that sounds fine. Actually, may i have your address and ill come over when im ready?" I ask.

"of course." He grabs the sheat of paper with his number on it and writes down his address on it.

"See you at seven tomorrow." He smiles and winks at me.

"Bye." I say. I dont know, but something really has changed about Harry. Could i actually trust him not to hurt me?

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