Caroline has always wondered about her old bully in highschool, Harry Styles. Once she finally moves to London to persue her dream in becomeing a artist, she reincounters her long lost bully and finds out, maybe you REALLY dont know someone by their actions.


2. Hi (again)

(A/N: i totally forgot to say what caroline looks like. She had lond dirty blonde hair with sparkling brown eyes and shes KINDA tan but not really.)

Millions of thoughts started racing through my mind. What if he started to bully me again? Would he apologize?

"it's me! Harry!" He suprisingly says with a smile on his face.

"yeah... I know." I said sadly.

"You alright love?" He says. At that point i got pissed because he put me through HELL in high school! I start to raise my voice a little.

"First of all styles, dont call me 'love'. Second, am i alright?? of course im NOT! You bullied me all the way through high school. Im trying to be as nice as possable so i dont get fired but i hate you. So just order your stinking coffee and get out!" Wow, i jist said that... To harry styles!! Immeadly after i say that he jaw drops with total suprisement.

"wow... Godh Caroline, i didnt know you had that in you."He mumbles.

"and dont you DARE try to say sorry. Sorry doesnt fix the cuts i ma-" i immeadtly cut myself pf because i didnt want him to know i cut myself because of him.

"Caroline?!? You hurt yourself?!?"

"the only thing you and me have in relation.." I say while looking down at the ground. He grabs my arm looking and sure enough the scars are still there. I try to pull out of his grasp but he was too stong.

"i-Im so sorry Caroline..." He says with sympathy. I think i actually start to see tears well up in this bright green eyes that i adored (even though i hate his guts..).

"that fixes nothing..." I say sternly.

"can i try and fix it between you and me?" He says. I thought he was joking but i looked up and say sadness  and seriousness in his eyes.

"fine... But if you blow it, im never speaking to you again, even if it costs me my job."

"ok i swear! Heres my number. Meet me at the local park at 7 tonight. Alright?"

"ok bue"


That dumbass never ordered his coffee... Cant WAIT for tonight

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