Caroline has always wondered about her old bully in highschool, Harry Styles. Once she finally moves to London to persue her dream in becomeing a artist, she reincounters her long lost bully and finds out, maybe you REALLY dont know someone by their actions.


5. Dating You?

Tonights the night... I go on a date with Harry. Two years ago, i would have rather stuck my head in a toliet than do anything remotley close to this, but... I think hes changed. But i cant possably know that.. He may just be playing me just to have my heart broken. Oh well better finished getting ready.

I curl my long dirty blonde hair and put a bit of makeup on. I wear a over the shoulder lilac dress with white sandles and some earrings.

I hop in the car on the way to harry's place. I texted him saying that i will be there in a few minutes.

As I arrive to harry's HUGE house, i see him standing in the driveway with some flowers. I hate to admit it, but i was smilibg like an idiot.

i drive by and let him into the passengers seat.

"Mind if i drive?" Harry says kindly.

"Umm sure?"

"haha i wanted the place to be a suprise" He says cheerfuly

"Haha alrighty then." And with that being said we drive off

as we arrive, i see a big resturant.

"Harry, you really didnt have to take me here.." I mumble... It was a very nice place and must have cost a fourtine to get in.

"I know darling, but i wanted to. To show youve ive changed." 




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