i will find you (sequel to cry me a river)

on their 2nd birthday twins isabelle and niall are taken from their mother darcy styles after somebody claims that darcy has been mistreating them. once fostered they wait until they are 18 then leave hom together desperate to find their real mother. the problem is they dont remember her...


1. the birthday party

darcys p.o.v


it was the twins and harry tomlinsons second birthday. so of course we threw them a 3 way joint birthday party. everyone was there. all of the one direction family. even nan and aunt gemma were there which was nice. the press had got over me having the twins at 16 finally. but apart from that not much has changed. well apart from liam and zayn and niall now having kids. liam had baby zayn, zayn had baby louis and niall had baby liam and baby simon. oh and one more detail. my dad was now engaged with another baby on the way. my dad and his fiance nixie looked perfect together. the contrast of his curly brown hair to her wavy blonde. the way his deep green eyes looked into hers that were as blue as the ocean. but yh that is all thats changed. i heard  knock at the door. "ill open it i called"everyone ignored me anyway "charming" i muttered under my breath. at the door was a policeman and a lady in a grey suit

"im looking for Darcy Styles." she said

"um thats me." i replied.

"ok well darcy i am sorry to have to tell you this but we are here to take niall and isabelle styles and put them into foster care after we have recieved complaint of constant abuse to them."

"w-w-what " i stuttered

"you heard her now move aside." said the police man

"NO" i screamed "YOU CANT TAKE MY BABIES AWAY!" by now everyone came running to the door and saw  me in tears. dad and nixie came over. nixie pulled me in for a hug whilst dad talked to the police man. i really did like nixie. she was like a mum to me and she really did treat me like her daughter. which i didnt mind because i never really met my mum anyway.the next thing i know the policeman stormed through the house and grabbed niall and isabelle.

"mummy" they cried as they got put in the car

"dont worry " i cried back " i will find you and get you back." and with that the car drove off. i went upstairs to my room and cried. i stayed there all night and all of the next day. the party ended pretty quickly after niall and isabelle got taken. i could hear it. soon the only people i could hear in the house were niall, his wife tina an their kids. louis eleanor and harry, my dad and nixie, zayn rebecca (his wife) and louis and then finally liam, danielle and zayn. even auntie gemma and nan had gone home. dad tried to come up to me and talk but i wouldnt listen. i just cried. next thing i know nixie was there.

"look darcy" she said " i know im not your mum and i never will be but i really do think of you as a daughter. which is why i have come up. your dad has already lost your mum ad now his grandkids. im not saying you will but please just dont do anything stupid. i dont think it would be fair on him if he lost you to." and with that she left. i didnt know what to do. i just wanted my babies back. just then tom rang

"darcy i heard what happened yesterday are you ok do you want me to come over?" he said

"tom" i replied "i love you i really do but could you possibly leave me alone for a few days just so i can get my head round this. he agreed and as soon as he hung up  i lay down and carried on crying.

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