i will find you (sequel to cry me a river)

on their 2nd birthday twins isabelle and niall are taken from their mother darcy styles after somebody claims that darcy has been mistreating them. once fostered they wait until they are 18 then leave hom together desperate to find their real mother. the problem is they dont remember her...


7. harry meet isabel

harry (tomlinsons) p.o.v


she was beautiful. long wavy brown hair. no make up just natural beauty. she had deep green eyes that twinkled in the sunlight. isabel styles was a vision of pure beauty. i mean she had a hell of a lot of babbage. 2 toddlers but i thought it was cute. especially as one was names after me. i couldnt quite concentrate on the words she was saying. i mean i was interested but i could stop staring at her lucious red lips.

"if your gonna stare at my lips all day you might as well kiss them." she said jokingly. i got the joke but hey the offer was there. i leaned in and slowly and passionately kissed her on the lips. those seonds were the best of my life. i felt like i had fireworks inside of me. when we pulled away everyone was staring at us. especially mum and dad. isabelle looked confused and she walked off aqnd sat with darcy, darcy and harry styles junior. everyone continued to stare at me.

"that was amazing!" i yelled and walked off. i went up to her room and wited for her to appear. when she finally did i walked up to her and looked her straight in the eyes

"isabelle elanor styles i know you have baggage and a hell of alot of it but i am prepared to dealwith it because quite simply i think i love you. will you be my girlfriend?"

"harry jacob tomlinson of ourse i will"

we went downstair together hand in hand and everone looked at us and smiled. especiually uncle niall. "guys its offiicial so niall horan is the winner" everyone laughed i guesss i must have looked confused because she then said

"when you went off everyone had bets over how long it would take you to ask. and niall one!" i just laughed. it was quite funny that everyone bet over how long it would take me to ask isabelle out. dad walked over to me

"well i said an hour but niall said half and its not fair i would have won otherwise." then he huckled and walked off. my dad can be so wierd sometimes! but i dont care today has been the best day of my life.

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