i will find you (sequel to cry me a river)

on their 2nd birthday twins isabelle and niall are taken from their mother darcy styles after somebody claims that darcy has been mistreating them. once fostered they wait until they are 18 then leave hom together desperate to find their real mother. the problem is they dont remember her...


8. daddy ?

isacelles p.o.v


i held harry jr and darcy jrs hands. they smiled up at harry tomlinson. my new boyfriend. it wasnt like i didnt know him or anything. there were posters of him all up my walls at maries house.

"are you are new daddy?" darcy asked. i stared at harry. i didnt expect hime to sy yes. he looked at the twins and smiled

"um yh" he replied. "i guess i am" the twins smiled. just then harry got called by his dad. he walked off then grandad appeared. he smiled at me.

"i havent seen you since you were 10" i laughed remembering the concert

"oh yh i remember the entire audiene gasping and me thinking i had done something wrong." now his turn to laugh.

"you and niall were great that night. can you still sing?" he asked i nodded.  "ok lets hear you" i sung isnt she lovely to him and he smiled even more."you know i think im gonna ask management if you and niall can open our renunion tour." i smiled. next year one direction were having a reunion tour  to celebrate 40 years. i would be thrilled to play.

"okay" i said then walked off to find great uncle ni smiling at me.

"what" i asked nervously

"nothing" he replied sweetly before throwing me into the pool.  i screamed and grabbed him by the leg and pulled draging him into the water with me. i saw his 2 sons smiliong like mad. they were fit but hey harry lomlinsons my boy.  i got out the pool and ythey came over to me

"you just owned our dad" said liam

"we like you" said simon]

"nice to know" i said before smiling aned walking off. god this day had been eventful.

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