i will find you (sequel to cry me a river)

on their 2nd birthday twins isabelle and niall are taken from their mother darcy styles after somebody claims that darcy has been mistreating them. once fostered they wait until they are 18 then leave hom together desperate to find their real mother. the problem is they dont remember her...


6. about that

darcys p.o.v


i waited in the care whilst niall and isabelle went to get their things. niall came out with 2 big suitcases (one each for him and isabelle) and 2 smaller ones

"2 random small suitcases?" i asked jokingly

"about that"  andwalked back inside. 10 minutes later isabelle walked out with a toddler holding onto eah hand. i looked at her and said nothing. she put hem i the back seat next to niall and then she cam and sat in the pasenger seat. i just looked at her and took her hand. "how old?" i asked her

"3 and ahalf" she replied

"so you were 14 and a half. well you beat the styles record of 16 tha was made by me with you two." she smiled

"you mad?" she asked

"what that you have given me 2 beautiful grandkids. no im not. im not even dissapointed. its my fault for letting you go so easily. i was just so upset. i should have been there to mak sur this didn happen!"

"its ok mummy" sh toldme. i couldnt help but cry.

"whats up?" she asked

"its us that the last time you called me that was on your second birthday as you got taken away" i said

"can iask why we got taken?" she asked

"ok bt youve got to promise to believe me when i sy that it was all a lie and the people that told the police were selfish and 2 faced." she nodded " ok when you were 2we had a joint birthday party for yu 2 and harry tomlinson. 2 people who were supposedly my friends calld the police nd told them i was abusing you. i wasnt it wa just that they were jealous that i spent more time with you than them. even after they got sent to prison i still wasnt allowed you bac apparently you were too settled. and thATS basially it!"

she nodded trying to take it all in.

"so anyway what are the little ones names?" i asked

"thatsharry" she said pointing to the boy "i might hae had a little crush on harry tomlnson when i was 14!" i laughed

"hes single" i said

"realy" she asked ;looking excited "ad anyway shes kinda called darcy" she smiled at me.  " i really liked you and besides i di kn you bwere my mum!" i just laughed. by nowwe were home. everyone crowded around harry and darccy.i was keeping an eye onthem whilst isabelle ws talking to harry (tomlinson) i had a feeling that they would be ogether soon.

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