i will find you (sequel to cry me a river)

on their 2nd birthday twins isabelle and niall are taken from their mother darcy styles after somebody claims that darcy has been mistreating them. once fostered they wait until they are 18 then leave hom together desperate to find their real mother. the problem is they dont remember her...


3. 8 years later

isabelles p.o.v


for my 10th birthday marie promised to take me to see one drection in concert. i know they are over 40 now but i still loved them like loads of girls my age did.marie wasnt my real mum. me and my twin brother were her foster kids so she didnt expect us to call her mum. we had been at hers since we were 2 so we cant remember our real mum. me and niall have a plan though in 8 years time we will be 18 which means that our mum can legally be our mum again. we tried to get information from marie about our mum but all she told us was that our mum was 16 when she had us. "niall" i begged "please come to the one direction concert with me you know i never want to go anywhere without you" it was true we had some weird connection. we never went anywhere without the other one of us.

"ok" he replied "but only because i want to be a singer like them"


10 days later ( day of one direction concert)


when we walked into the 02 arena there was a sign which read: singing contest.solos, groups or pairs. 16 and under. winning act sings with one direction. free entry.

"niall" i cried "lets do it you know how much you want to be a singer."

"ok " he agreed and with marie trailing behind us we entered the competition area.we auditioned first and got through. marie said she was really proud of us and bought us both sweets.then it was time for the quarter final with 4 acts left in. 1 would go out.and thank god it wasnt us.now time for the semifinal 3 acts left. 1 to go out and again it wasnt us.now the final. we chose to sing isnt she lovely by some guy called stevie wonder. i only knew it because harry styles used it to audition for the x factor 26 years ago. the voting was tense. who was gonna win ? it turned out to be us."wow" the judge said "you sound so muchlike harry styles here are your backstage passes and tickts to sing with them" the he walked off and left us speechless.

we went backstage watching them sing through the wings. they were amazing but all we were waiting for was our turn to sing.it was finally time. niall called us onto the stage. everyone in the audience clapped but all of one direction just stared at us. what had we done wrong i wondered. "what are your names" louis asked and all of the band craned there heads to listen. i saw all of the people backstage do it to. i saw harry styles daughter darcy. people often said i looked like her. "um im isabelle styles and this is my twin brother niall styles." everyone gasped. did they know something we didnt. darcy looked like she was going to cry. "wow" said harry "you have the same surname as me"

"we know" said niall "its our mums surname, but you dont know her we got fostered when we were 2 but when we are 18 we are going to find her"

"wow" said harry he looked close to tears aswell "how old are you 2?" he asked

"we are 10 today as its our birthday" i replied and the whole audence gasped again. seriously what was going on.

"ok" said louis "you are going to sing what you won the singing competition with and then youcan sing along with us to one of our songs.

"3,2,1,go" said niall (the band member) so me and niall (my brother) started singing.

aferwards the whole audiene looked shocked. suddenly we got a huge round of applause.

"wow" said liam "you sound just like harry and you actually look a lot like him to"

we sung along to what maks you beautiful and then went off stage.that had been amazing.


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