i will find you (sequel to cry me a river)

on their 2nd birthday twins isabelle and niall are taken from their mother darcy styles after somebody claims that darcy has been mistreating them. once fostered they wait until they are 18 then leave hom together desperate to find their real mother. the problem is they dont remember her...


5. 18 today

darcys p.o.v


alot has happened in 8 years. nicole and charlotte were arrested for lying to the police. but i still didnt get my babies back. i have now got 6 kids overall. niall and isabell are 18 today. michaels 11 and nezzie (vanessa) jamie (whos a girl) and alex (who is also a girl.) i have a thing for unisex names ok. anyway the triplets are 9. nixie and dad are married and i have a 5 year old brother george an a 13 year old sister daisy. i get on really well ith daisy even though im old enough tobe her mum. same with george. anyway its niall and isabelles 18th birthday today and im on the way to the adoption agency to find them.


when i got there i saw a boy and a girl speaking to the woman at the desk. they looke about 17/18 ad i suppose they wanted to find their real parents.

"listen" the boy said "we are 18 today. its illegal for you not to let us know who are real parents are." he had a deep gruff voice with a touch of swwetness in it. he reminded me of my dad.

"ok hun fill in these form andill be rght with you" the lady said. the boy and the girl both took a form and sat down.

"im here to find my kids" i told the lady "they are 18 today so its perfectly legal" i turned round and saw the boy looking at me. i just ignored him "theres two of hem. they are twins." i took the form off her and sat down next to the by.e kept looking atme.

"excuse me can i help you." i asked him "anyway lad whats your name"

"well im niall and this is my twin sister isbelle. we are 18 today" i stared at him. this couldnt be happening

"could i possbly as your surname?" i asked

"yh" he repied "styles"

i gasped i reognised them "your the 2kids thAt sang on stagewith one diretion 8 years ago. and i may be wrong but... i think im your mum" they both looked shocked. just then the lady came over.

"hi i see you have already introduced yourselves but i have goit some exciting news... isabelle niall this is your mum darcy styles."


isabelles p.o.v


we sat in the back of darcys or shold i say mums car. i felt a bit weird. i mean we hae been loking for our mu for so long and she turned out to be darcy flamng styles. she pulled up at a drive an told us to stay in the car for a second. 5 minutes later she came back with 4 girls and a 2 boys. first the younger boy.

"isabelle niall this is your uncle george and this is your auntie daisy." she said pusshing a blonde heded girl towards us.

"dais, george where are ya?" came a voic and they rushed inside

"this is your brother michael, hes 11 and these are your sisters vanessa, jamie, and alex, they are 9" she were all incredibly cute. vanessa jamie and alex looked like a younger versio of me and michael looked like a younger version of niall. we talked with them for 5 minutes and then headed inside. there was a man in the kitchen aking something. i reognised him instantly. harry styles our grandad. "hey darcy how did it go?" he asked with his back  to us. then he turned around and saw us.

"oh my god isablle, niall is that you?" we nodded our heads. then a blonde man walked into the kitchen

"someone call my name?" he asked then h saw us. "my little namesake" he said and ran and bear hugged niall. "and isabelle" he cried andhugged me.soon the kitchen was filled with people all huggig us and asking how we had been. i wonered how they would reacct when they knew my secret.  it wasnt long before we was invited to go live with mum michael alex vanessa, jamie and our "dad" tom. he wasnt actually our dad but he raised us for the first 2 years of our life with mum so i guess it counts.

"mum" i called "can you take me to maries house to piked up my stuff."

"sure thing hun" she replid and within 5 minutes we were bak on the road.

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