Unacknowledged Lustre

For the person who is should completely shadow me but instead stands with me in the darkness. One day I’ll write something honest to you when I have the ability but in the meantime I’ll attempt to scratch the surface so you’ll know I appreciate everything you do for me.

If was talented enough to let words describe my feelings truthfully, I would write forever.


1. Unacknowledged Lustre


Unacknowledged Lustre


Her profile is comforting

So familiar its

Exquisiteness is lost

But standing in perfect locus when

The sun relights her inner fire

Creating a beacon of luminous splendour  

Discovered once more.

But all too soon 

Callously buried again behind

Supposedly more important

Matters at hand.

Messy hair sprouting from

Chaotic thoughts that preoccupy her.

A freckle for every kindness.

Burdened shoulders weighed down with the

Mass of her dreams and piercing eyes

So pure they must reflect the soul.

Passionate, Ecstatic, a lifelong set of


Often taking a step back

 Her brilliance is forgotten.

Blissfully unaware of her presence ;

Effortless beauty of flesh and mind.

Absorbing the words of countless novels

To better express her

Restless spirit.

Despite our countless resemblances

I am forever amazed at her mastering of

What we strive to achieve;

The refreshing sense of

Absolute originality. 

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