Terror strikes her

Aleeha Icicle finds a junior name Naeema Para murdered on the sidewalk on a Friday. The images haunt Alee. Now the "Shadowslasher" is looking for the next victim. Who will be next? Or will someone discover who the "Shadowslasher" is?


1. Aleeha, what's wrong?

Aleeha Icicle walks to the library like its any other day. Alee looks left and right to cross the street. A shadow was walking behind her. She looks back behind her. "Ahhhh!" a girl screams. Alee checks it out. A girl is dead. Red blood pours out of her neck. "I need to call 911...." 

Haylee Cornell walks to the library from home. She ate her dinner already and was ready to go to the library. Her phone rings. "Yes Alee?" "Quick! You gotta come! It's an emergency!!!!" Whenever she says emergency in a terrifying way, it scares Haylee. "I coming right away..."

She sees Haylee coming. She looks at the dead body. She gasps in horror. "Please tell me you're not kidding?" She asks. Alee sighs impatiently. "You're right Alee...she's dead." After she says that, she passes out... Alee looks at Haylee whose moaning. "Are you okay Hal?" Haylee shakes her head. "No..." She passes out again...

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