Not So Baby Lux Anymore

my name is lux yeah i know baby lux from one direction well im 13 so DO NOT call me baby lux i go by lux i play softball and best friend is harry styles im going to tell you about a strange day i had. so one day i was at softball practice....


2. why will nobody give me answers?!

Harry's POV: *flashback* "boys i need you to go pick lux up from practice." paul said. "uh, ok." we said. so we went to pick lux up from practice. *present* on the way there paul called me. " harry lux's mum and dad were in a plane crash and they died. he said. "what?! wow gosh." i said lost for words. he hung up and i told the boys when we pulled in.

Lux's POV: none of the boys would tell me and i was getting angry. " guys for the fifty hundredth time, where are we going?!" i said pretty angry, which surprised me because  i never get angry at the boys. they all looked at me surprised. "Lux are you ok?" Liam asked me. "sorry guys just wish you guys would tell me where we are going." i said calmer. no said anything. so i just said, "turn the radio to a country station." when he did farmer daughter was on. so i started singing " she all tanned and my kind of pretty and when her eyes met mine i was thinking that i shore loved my job" i sang through the whole song when i got done all the boys were staring at me. "what?" i said. "you have a pretty voice." zayn said. right then we pulled into the boys flat. 

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