Not So Baby Lux Anymore

my name is lux yeah i know baby lux from one direction well im 13 so DO NOT call me baby lux i go by lux i play softball and best friend is harry styles im going to tell you about a strange day i had. so one day i was at softball practice....


1. strange softball practice

Lux's POV:

hey Im lux not baby lux just lux alright? ok. so today i had softball practice and the boys were going to pick me up. But, when i was pitching i saw the boys car pull in. they came running u to the fence and Niall yelled, " hey lux come here!" so i threw the ball to sally and ran over there. " what's wrong guys?" I said. " you told me you'd be here at 2 and it's only 1!"  " we know but you have too come now. harry explained. i was hot and tired so i gave in. "alright just let me get my stuff." i said confused. i told my coach and he said it was fine. so, i packed up my stuff and went to the car. 

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