Not So Baby Lux Anymore

my name is lux yeah i know baby lux from one direction well im 13 so DO NOT call me baby lux i go by lux i play softball and best friend is harry styles im going to tell you about a strange day i had. so one day i was at softball practice....


8. LUX!!!

Lux's POV: As I climbed down the rope I wondered were I should go. I should probably go  to hunter's, yeah! that where I'll go! with that I took of down the road to hunter's house.

Harry's POV: I cant believe she took off like that! I mean over a boyfriend? sure I'm angry she did not tell us but Louis did not have to blow up on her like that either. my phone rang. it was Lux! I answered, "Lux!! where are you?!" " this isn't Lux this is her boyfriend, I wanted to call to warn you-" I heard I scream in the background. " SHUT UP!" he yelled. " as I was saying I called to warn you about coming to find lux, if you come here to get her I WILL kill her! got it?" he said sharply. tears ran down my face as I said, "ok." "good remember what I said." he hung up. Lux I will find you...



Author's note:

CLIFF HANGER!!! haha so thanks to my fans of this book, I love my little turtles! -Niall's babe




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