Not So Baby Lux Anymore

my name is lux yeah i know baby lux from one direction well im 13 so DO NOT call me baby lux i go by lux i play softball and best friend is harry styles im going to tell you about a strange day i had. so one day i was at softball practice....


18. grounded?!?!

Lux's POV:  When we got to the car and got in Harry looked at me and said, "Why Lux?" "it wasn't my fault!" I said. Louis gave me a warning look. "How was it not your fault?!" Harry said getting madder by the minute. tears rolled down my cheeks. "She started it she hit me FIRST!" I said quite angry. "don't you dare raise your voice at my young lady!" he said I could tell he wasn't happy at all. "whatever." I said. "Don't you whatever me Lux! You best tell me what happened!" Right then we pulled into the drive way. I jumped out and ran inside past Niall, Liam, and Zayn. I ran upstairs, slammed my door, and jumped on to my bed.

Harry's POV: UGH! she ran off! Louis looked at me, "You shouldn't have went off on her like that." he said. I guess he's right. "And you know I'm right." he said reading my mind. "But-" I started. "No buts. you shouldn't have done that. go say your sorry and try asking nicer, she might answer." He said. alright, he's got me I guess I'll go tell Lux I'm sorry....





Hey all you Sexy Carrot Lovers out there! I am SOSOSO SORRY I HAVN'T UPDATED!!!! my laptop broke! ok now I need something to boast my sprits so comment the thing you think makes my great! Comments must be in by May 30th 2013!!! bye!!!

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