Not So Baby Lux Anymore

my name is lux yeah i know baby lux from one direction well im 13 so DO NOT call me baby lux i go by lux i play softball and best friend is harry styles im going to tell you about a strange day i had. so one day i was at softball practice....


13. am i dreaming?!

Lux's POV: I saw the boys in my room. " guys i'm so sorry!" I cried. they didn't move. "guys?" I asked confused. I went to hug harry but my hand went through him. " what the heck?" I said. am I dreaming? then I saw my self in the bed. no, no this cant be happing. am I dead?! a doctor walked in " good news! she will wake up in about a month!" he said. the boys thanked him. 'so I'm in a coma?' I thought. so I'm a ghost. crap.

Louis POV: this is my fault. I shouldn't have got mad. she 13 but she still feels like she's 2 to me. niall walk to me. "it's alright Louis." "yes it is niall. its all my fault if it wasn't for me she'd be here, we wouldn't be here we'd be at the flat, happy. but thanks to me were here sitting beside her bed wait for 1 month to be up so I can she her again!" I said. "its all my fault every little bit." " no its not, lou. its hunter's fault. he tied her up he did that its his fault!" harry said. "right." I muttered. we left but I knew it was all my fault. 

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