Set This World On Fire

Zara had been living in America for the past 2 years with her dad, since her parents were divorced. When she moves back to Melbourne, Australia, she meats the Janoskians. Her brother is friends with them but his friendship with Jai crumbles as he and Zara start to slowly fall for each other. Will things work out for Zara and Jai or will the crash and burn. If you don't know about the Janoskians, they are Aussies that are on YouTube and MTV. If you go on You Tube and look up Janoskians or Daresundays then you will find them!!!


2. My Brother's Friends?

Jai's P.O.V. 
I got dressed in black loose skinny jeans, a red Janoskians T-shirt, and a red SnapBack. I also slipped on some black Vans. My mate Jack Smith invited me over, his sister had just come home from living with their dad in America. Luke and Beau were coming too. He only lived about five minutes away so we all just walked. When we got there, I knocked on the door. Jack answered and told us to come in. As we were coming in, a girl came grudgingly down the stairs, only in her grundies. I couldn't help but stare, she looked so familiar. Then it hit me, she was Zara from the other day. Wow. 
Zara's P.O.V.
I walked down the stairs and into the kitchen. My brother was in there grabbing himself a glass of water. 
"Oh hey Jack, I thought you were going to your friends house today?"
"No, actually I invited them over." I nodded and walked out of the kitchen into the living room to watch done idiot box when I saw Jai, Luke, and Beau all siting there. I gasped and they all looked at me. I was only wearing a black lace bra and matching panties. I quickly tried to cover myself and walked backwards up the stairs. Oh my gosh! I mentally face palmed myself. Halfway up the stairs, I fell on my ass. So I turned around and ran the rest of the way up the stairs and into my room. I changed into black skinny jeans and a purple T-shirt that said "Los Angeles Bitch". I grabbed some purple Vans and put them on and walked down stairs again. The boys all looked a bit disappointed. I smirked to myself and went into the kitchen to eat some breakfast.
"Sorry about earlier, I was expecting guests." They all laughed. 
"It's fine Zara." Jai explained. My brother looked confused.
"Wait, you know Zara." Jai shrugged. 
"I met her yesterday when we were doing the pegging challenge. My brother laughed. 
"Oh okay." Jack said laughing. I remembered the mall. 
"Oh, I've got to go, I literally have no clothes here except this and a one other outfit." They all nodded as I walked into the kitchen to find my purse. Just then, Jai ran in. 

"Um hey.....uh......I was wondering if I could go with you, you know, to the mall?" I smiled at his awkwardness. 

"Sure, do you know how to drive?" He nodded and I tossed him the keys to my car. 

"Let's go." He laughed and climbed into the driver's seat. I got into the passenger seat and with that, we were off.

~~when we arrived~~

I was about to get out when Jai jumped out of the car and ran to my side to open my door for me. I blushed and looked down. He lifted up my chin and looked into my eyes. 

"Um, excuse me but your not aloud to look down. You're face is way too beautiful to be hidden." I smiled and blushed some more. I glanced to my feet but quickly back at him. He laughed. 

"What did did I say about looking down." I giggled and walked into the mall. His hand brushed against mine. I sighed. 

"What's the matter?" Oh oops! 

"Oh nothing just thinking about sad." I smiled weakly and looked around. I saw a jewelry store and grabbed his wrist and dragged him into it.

"Why do we have to go in here, it is a pussy store!" He said pointing to all the pink and purple covering the store. I laughed and shook my head. 

"You do realize that I'm a girl so it doesn't matter to me." I smirked as he groaned earning us glares from some of the other shoppers. We snickered and I bought some 'Bitch' earrings. Jai saw them and chuckled. 

"Nice Z." I laughed then stopped abruptly. 

"Wait do you just call me Z?" I asked causing him to blush. 

"Ya sorry." I smiled. 

"I like it, no one's ever called me that." He smiled back at me. Why does he have to be so fucking hot! UGH! Why does he have to have a fucking girlfriend, and why does she have to be so damn pretty! Ariana Grande was the sweetest person ever, WHY!!!??? We spotted a smoothie place across the way and this time he dragged me. I was about hit a wall so I pulled back. This caused us to be face to face. Our lips inches apart. He leaned closer and pressed his warm soft lips to mine. Wait, what about Jack and Ariana? Oh to hell with them both! I kissed him back, the kiss was soft and full of love. He licked my lips and I immediately granted him entry. We made out for a couple of minutes until I slowly pulled away. I looked up into his beautiful brown eyes and bit my lip. 

"Don't you have a girlfriend?" He laughed and shook his head. 

"Nope. We broke up but were still friends." I smiled. 

"Well in that case," I kissed him again, only a bit more passionately this time. When we finally pulled apart we went to the smoothie place and ordered some smoothies. For the rest of the time we had our hand intertwined. Could it get any better than this?

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