Set This World On Fire

Zara had been living in America for the past 2 years with her dad, since her parents were divorced. When she moves back to Melbourne, Australia, she meats the Janoskians. Her brother is friends with them but his friendship with Jai crumbles as he and Zara start to slowly fall for each other. Will things work out for Zara and Jai or will the crash and burn. If you don't know about the Janoskians, they are Aussies that are on YouTube and MTV. If you go on You Tube and look up Janoskians or Daresundays then you will find them!!!


1. Meeting Jai

Zara's P.O.V.
As I walked the streets of Melbourne  I felt something tug my hair. I reached back grabbed a blue peg from my hair. I turned around got a peg stuck onto my nose. 
"Oh, sorry!" A guy said. I looked up to see that one I think? From Janoskians or whatever they're called, my friend Courtney is like obsessed with them. I've watched a few videos and have got to say there pretty funny! I laughed as he blushed. 
"I was trying to get your hair, it was just a game sorry." I smiled. 
"It's fine, say, Jai isn't it?" He nodded. 
"Ya, Jai Brooks. What's your name?" I looked down to my feet then up to Jai again.  
"Zara, Zara Smith." He opened his mouth to say something when one his twin brother, Luke or something like that, yelled for him to come back to him and the other boys. Luke and Jai look almost exactly alike except a few minor differences, like the fact Luke has a lip piercing and a nose piercing and a red dot on his nose. Personally, I think Jai is cuter, not that I have anything against Luke or his piercing. There's just something about Jai that I like. Jai said goodbye and ran back to the other boys. It looked like whatever they were saying to Jai was pissing him off, he ended up flipping them off. This earned a smack to his donger. I stifled a laugh as I watched them act like dills. When I arrived home, I immediately went up to my room and looked Janoskians on my laptop. I watched all they're videos of them as the Janoskians and Daresundays. By the time I had finished watching them, my sides and my cheeks hurt from laughing so much, I just couldn't seem to stop. I also looked them up on google and learned all about them. What sucks is that Jai has a girlfriend. Ugh, fuck my life. I closed my laptop and called up my best friend Courtney. When I told her I had met Jai she started screaming her head off. Courtney doesn't live her in Australia, she lives in Los Angeles California up in the states. I lived there for the past two years with my dad but just recently moved back here in Melbourne Australia with my mom and my brother Jack.  My mom is never here though. I really didn't have anything to wear so  I thought I would go to the mall tomorrow. I stripped down to my grundies and climbed into bed. I thought I get some rest, I was tired from the long plane ride I took yesterday. I secretly hoped I would see Jai again. 

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