And all your little things

Hi. I'm raven, call me other than that and you'll regret it. Only Kayla my best friend (well my only friend) can call me Rae. I have a pretty messed up life. But it was changed when I looked into those ocean blue/green eyes. Forgot one thing I'm 17.


1. skate day and bad day

                                                                            Raven's POV:


"baby your a firework". Rang my phone. It was my best friend Kayla calling. "What's up?" I answered. "wanna met at Tony's skate park, then grab a pizza or something?" she asked. "Count me in" I said and hung up. I ran down the stairs put on my monsters hat and shoes, grabbed my board and ran outside.


When I got Kayla was sitting her board, play on her phone, while drinking a slurpee."Thank you" I said grabbing it from her hands. "Hey Rae" she said grabbing it back. "come on get off your lazy but and let's go do some 360's" I told her. We race to the skate ramp and of course Kay won. Nothing new. She could run faster than me but I can skate better. "Is that a competition I hear" she says. DANG. I hate it when I think aloud. "Bring it" I say to her.



We skate for a couple hours before heading towards 'Little Ceaser's '. "You sure all you want is crazy bread" Kay asked me for the 100th time. "Like I said before yes." I say to her quite annoyed. "Okay sassy pants" she replied hitting my butt. "you like what you see" I asked her sticking my butt out more and we both burst out laughing. When we finished eating I headed home and crashed.


I woke up the next morning to a scream. It sounded like my little sister angel. I quickly ran downstairs to see what was going on. And at the bottom of the stairs was my 4 year old bloody and broken. "ANGEL" I screamed holding her in my arms. "Please wake up, wake up." I said to her. "MOM" I screamed though my voice was broke from crying. "MOM!" I screamed again and she cam running out of her room but stopped when she saw me and angel.


I don't like hospital's. I'm kinda like an emo, but seeing dying people breaks my heart. "Angel Smith is in room 403" the nurse said. "Thank you" I whispered and walked to her room. My legs gave out once I entered the room. Seeing my dying sister right there just....just is something I can't explain. "Raven I love you." those were my sister's last words before the room was filled with continuous beeping.


I decided to skip the funeral. To much for me to take. Those last words broke my heart. I always said I hated her, she was a mistake. But I was wrong. She was one of the best thing that's every happen to me, and now, she's just a rotting corpse. Nothing could do now. It's the circle of life. Her circle was a tiny one. I know why I didn't treat her right. I was raped. I toke all my anger out on her. I don't know why she was the one I choose. I guess she was just the closet one to me.

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