And all your little things

Hi. I'm raven, call me other than that and you'll regret it. Only Kayla my best friend (well my only friend) can call me Rae. I have a pretty messed up life. But it was changed when I looked into those ocean blue/green eyes. Forgot one thing I'm 17.


2. pain and depression

It's been 3 months since Angel 's death. I have been depressed ever since she died. I've started to cut myself . I am usually just locked in my room, all by myself. I need someone. Have you ever have that empty feeling, when you've lost someone or something close? That's exactly how I have been feeling.


I don't even understand why am I still here breathing. If I could trade spots with Angel I would. I try to stay strong for my Moms sake, but it's to hard me. The only time I see my Mom anymore is when we eat. Other than that we don't say a word to each other.


Anyway that was just an update on what's going on. Right now I'm walking through the halls of school for the first time in months. I was almost to my locker when Abigail, the queen of the school, stuck her foot out and tripped me.


"Hey how are you whore? Still crying over that stupid little girl?? What was her name? Candle?" Abigail said to me. I just ignored her, got up, and continued to my locker.


"Play in the silent game eh? Well I bet it's yours fault the little bitch died, you probably killed her." Her whole post snickered at that. I lost it then.


"You think I wanted her to die?!?! She was my only sister!!!She was my oh friend besides Kayla!! You know what? Say what you want, I never gave a fuck anyway. "I snapped at her.


That really got Abigail. They began kicking and punching me, yelling stuff like, " you whore", "nobody would care if you died", "just kill yourself already". The beating went on for at least fourteen minutes, until the bell finally rang. I got up as soon as they left. I decided to skip school. I was finally gonna listen to them. Nobody would care if I died, just like they said.


I finally made it to my destination. The lionsgate bridge. I pulled myself up and over the side. I listened my footing on the bridge. I would be with Jesus soon. I opened my eyes for the final tome and saw that I was not falling. Someone had grabbed me an I was dangling from 500 feet up. I looked up and saw I was saved by Niall Horan.

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