The Crossing

If you had the power to change your past - to fix every mistake you've ever made, to live the perfect life - would you do it?

Alice Carlton, the sixteen-year-old good girl, is dying because of a single mistake.
Charon is trapped in a living death because he dared fight his fate.
Two wrongs never make a right. Or do they?


5. Living

            Alice was sitting at the kitchen table, watching her mother make coffee. She was working on filling out driving paperwork, so that she could get her permit. “So, Mom, last box. Do I want to be an organ donor?”

            Alice’s mom jerked at the question, sending bitter liquid across the countertop. “Absolutely not. Everyone knows that they don’t try as hard to save you if you’re a donor.”

            Alice sighed. “Alright, so no check then.” Her pencil hovered above the paper for an instant more, then she glanced up again. “Hey Mom, if I was dying, how hard would you try to save me?”

            “I’d never stop.”

            Alice blinked and shook her head. She tried to say No I want you to give me a few days then move on, but couldn’t. The word came out different. “Good. Just please, give me a few weeks at least. Trust me, no matter what, I’m going to wake up.”

            Alice’s mom smiled, and apparently didn’t see the dark shadow that was moving towards her, his face contorted in an angry snarl.

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