The Crossing

If you had the power to change your past - to fix every mistake you've ever made, to live the perfect life - would you do it?

Alice Carlton, the sixteen-year-old good girl, is dying because of a single mistake.
Charon is trapped in a living death because he dared fight his fate.
Two wrongs never make a right. Or do they?


3. Change

            “C’mon, Al, just run across when there are no cars coming! It’s not that hard!” Alice jumped. Benji was standing on the edge of the curb, watching a sleek black motorcycle zoom by. The rider, dressed all in black, seemed vaguely familiar, but Alice couldn’t place him.

            She shrugged and turned back to Benji. “Easy for you to say! You know, some of us aren’t quite as fast as you. What do you run again? A four minute mile?”

            Benji smiled. “Three-fifty-six, baby. Oh yeah. You know, you really ought to worship me. Yes, I am just that cool.” Alice rolled her eyes. She reached out and shoved him. As soon as her hand left his shoulder, she had a piercing sense of de-ja-vu. She knew this scene from somewhere. Somehow, Alice knew that something horrible was about to happen to her.

            Benji mock-stumbled out onto the edge of the street, right into the path of an oncoming motorcycle.

            Motorcycle? It was supposed to be a truck. Wasn’t it?

            The bike’s rider – he was so familiar, Alice had his name on the tip of her tongue – jumped off his moving ride without stopping. The bike, now driverless, continued screaming toward where Benji was standing frozen.

            “Benji, MOVE!” Alice screamed, but he didn’t even blink. Before she could move, the bike plowed into him at upwards of fifty-miles-an-hour. Alice had a vague impression of blood, then she was falling.

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