Lost in Love

I loved him from the depth of my heart. I would kill myself for him.I would do anything it takes to keep him going. Out of all the people in the world I fell for you, Louis William Tomlinson.
The problem? He didn't realise he loved me until he lost me and I didn't take notice of how he wouldn't look at me like I'd look at him.. Why? Because I was Lost in Love

Read to find out more...


1. Epilogue

Emilia's POV


"Will you Emilia Gem Tate, Do the honour of being my Girl friend" Louis had a rose in his hand and looked at me with hopeful eyes.


After knowing Lou for over 6 months I admit to myself that I am in love with him. Of course I've never told him.


"It would be my pleasure" I replied with a slight giggle. 


He gently kissed my cheek as I looked at my feet blushing. He had me falling for him every second. 

Little did I know that he didn't love me back...

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