Unwanted Love

Let's follow the on-going story of a couple, through the eyes of the girlfriend.


2. The Begininng

3/14/12. That's our date. 

It's only been a week that we've been dating, and I'm already having thoughts about our future.

How our one year would go together. How we would be next year. If I would still be here in Boston by next year. If we would be together when we get older. If we would get married.

All these crazy thoughts were going through my head. Oh well. 

I was waiting for him at his locker. Like every morning. I've always done this ever since I met him. It was already 7:20. It was almost time for homeroom. When suddenly, I see a boy in a North Face jacket running down the hallway. He ran towards me, as I opened my arms to receive him.

"Hi Fernando! I was waiting here for you :) "

"Haha, I knew you were, Raya, that's why I ran here. I knew that the bell was about to ring, we'll be late for homeroom"

He quickly opened his locker and stuffed his stuff inside. We both ran upstairs, holding hands, and when we got upstairs, we hugged and kissed good-bye. I think it's sad that we're not in the same homeroom together. We don't even have classes together. We only have one lunch together. At least we see each other a lot in the hallways. 


Classes aren't the same without him. It's so boring. *sigh*. There's only 2 minutes left. School ends at 1:40. I'm counting down the seconds. Everyday, after-school, we meet at our spot. we do everything there. We fight, make-out, kiss, and talk. That is, until a teacher appears and tells us to leave. It's all worth it though. 

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