Unwanted Love

Let's follow the on-going story of a couple, through the eyes of the girlfriend.


6. Summer...

It's safe to say that we promised each other that we would be together forever, and get married soon.

Yeah, we're young, but not that young, either.

People are too overrated. 


It's already the end of June, and school is almost over. Time is flying by.

I'm kind of glad it is, too.

I get to spend my summer with Fernando.. kind of.

I heard that I'm going to Albany for 2-3 weeks.

And that he's going to Ecuador in August, too.

*sigh* I don't know. I feel as if he doesn't love me anymore. We just argue and argue, and he doesn't want to change, either. 

He has asshole friends that push us away. 

I don't know.

He said that he wouldn't know where he would be without me, but so far, that is the biggest lie I have heard so far.


I just hope that this summer won't be a total loss, either.

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