Unwanted Love

Let's follow the on-going story of a couple, through the eyes of the girlfriend.


10. School Begins

It's already the beginning of the school year, and I get to see Fernando for the first time in a while. It was only the first day of school, so I don't know if we have any classes together.



It's already 30 minutes into homeroom, and I don't see him. I immediately start to think that we are not in the same homeroom this year... again. *sigh*. The teacher was reading off names on his list of students, when suddenly, I see him. He is here. In my homeroom. I start to look at him and smile. I was so happy.


Throughout the day, I start to find that I have two classes with him and three lunches with him every week. I was very happy. I finally get to be with him in school. 



School's over with, and together we take the bus to East Boston.

It would be our first date in a long time.

I am super excited.

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