Unwanted Love

Let's follow the on-going story of a couple, through the eyes of the girlfriend.


7. Red Lights

His mom was giving me a ride home.

It was a quiet car ride, and I'm happy that it was.


We've reached my house, and I go up.

I've asked him to help me bring the food up, and my mom goes downstairs to talk to his mom.



We were in my room all alone. I told him to look away as I changed in front of him. He didn't do as said, but regardless, I did as i needed. I saw him stare in awe. I felt his eyes on me, and I knew what he wanted. I pushed him onto my bed, and pressed my lips onto his. As the kiss was intesifying, I felt him move his hands all over my body. At some parts, I said no, because I didn't want him to fully know me. He took my shirt off, and I took off his, too. At some point in time, he pulled down his pants and said 

"Do you want to...?"

I quickly said no. I didn't need any problems now. 


"Good night Fernando"

"Good Bye"

He left my house, and I was alone to sleep in my bed.

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