Unwanted Love

Let's follow the on-going story of a couple, through the eyes of the girlfriend.


4. Excitement.

I'm pretty excited. It's been two months into our relationship, and we've gone pretty far. Today, will be our first date. We are going to the park. It's not like any local park, its a nice park called Piers Park and it's just beautiful. I brought blankets to lay on the grass with. Considering it's already spring, and it's still not so warm. 

"Let's choose that spot! Over there under the tree!"

"Whatever you like, love."

I layed the blanket down, and we put our bags near the tree. Fernando was pointing out all of the birds that he saw. He likes birds...haha... 

"Baby, my mother is gonna stop buy to give me money to buy food."

"Okay baby"

I was honestly nervous when he said that. I kind of didn't want to meet his mom. What if she didn't like me? I hope that she will accept me.


"Baby, she's here"

Oh no. I'm not ready to meet her. We both stood up and slowly made our way to the entrance, to find that his mother was waiting for us to make our way up there. I found that fact funny. 

"Here you go, son."

She handed him around $40. Not even my mother would give me that much for one occasion!

"Thanks mom."

'Is that the girl?"

I hid behind Fernando. Then, poked my head out and smiled.

She smiled back, and then left.

"Baby, I was scared! :("

"Haha, that's fine baby"

We made our way back to our spot, sitting down and getting comfortable. It was a beautiful day, it was only a tad bit cold. 


I suddenly felt a gentle touch on my leg. It was him. I felt the gentle touch of his lips on mine. I was soon on top of him. I felt his fingers make their way to my vagina. He surpassed my underwear, and I felt a warm touch on my clit. I let out a quiet moan.

"You're so wet..."

I didn't say anything. I was red. He moved his fingers lower, and stuck a finger inside. I was at full orgasm. It felt so good. He suddenly kissed me again. There was a policeman walking buy, and he was watching us. He kissed me so I wouldn't make much noise. He took his finger out and I layed next to him. Good thing the police guy didn't notice anything. But, I did notice something else... Fernando has a raging boner. I slowly touched it and kissed him. He let out little moans. I just remembered that I had to be home by 5. So I stopped and asked him to check the time for me. It was 5:10! I quickly got up and packed everything. He was getting ready as well, and by the time we left it was 5:15. I had to catch the train, because from East Boston to Jamaica Plain is a long ride. 


Finally home.

I'm tired. My mom asked me how it was, and so I said it was nice. I quickly checked my phone, and read this message:

"Baby! Today was so amazing! Baby, You're amazing! It was so nice and wonderful. I Love you so much baby, I can't wait to see you tomorrow! <3 :* "

I can now fall asleep happy.

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