Unwanted Love

Let's follow the on-going story of a couple, through the eyes of the girlfriend.


18. Baby Steps

"Hey." I read the sent message. I felt my heart beat faster, and blood rush up to my face. It's been a long time since I've heard from Fernando. I felt really excited to hear from him again.

"Hi there" I replied. Yeah I know that's all we said so far but I was really happy.

"Yeah, I've been thinking about you lately."

"Yeah... Me too."

I died a little inside. He was thinking of me. I was happy that I was on his mind.

"Really? I thought you would be angry at me.."

"Of course not. We all have to find our way in life soon enough."

"Thanks for understanding."

"Sure. Of course."

"I just wanted to start talking to you, I've missed you so much."

"Yeah, I have too."

"Alright... Well I'll text you later."


Baby steps. We're taking baby steps. And I don't mind it at all.

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