I have lived a thousand years

Jasmine lives in Mexico & her family is in danger, her family is being threaten.
Her family has sent her to Doncaster, England to live with her Aunt Leslie
She gets on the wrong train & travel to Bradford instead! She has no where to live so she sleeps in homeless shelters. She's to young to stay there for more then 5 days so they send her to a home that is willing to keep her there... She ends up in one of one directions members house, Zayn Malik! She dosnt like him for a while but everything changes over one night..


1. Nightmare

I heard screams coming from outside late at night, I grabbed my shoes & ran down the hall to the door. As soon as I opened the door I heard guns being ready to be shot, bad words being said, and dogs barking. But the thing that scared me most was, hearing my parents voice. They told me to get inside & go back to bed don't worry about a thing. I didn't want to go to bed not when my parents where out there with people holding guns. I went back to my room but not to go to bed to sit by the window & pray that nothing not even a gun, will tear our family apart. I don't want to leave Mexico, not if I'm the only one leaving... Not when my parents are in Danger. The next thing I knew I heard a gun shot! Then without worrying, I went to bed, sound asleep.


"pero como?" That's the first thing I heard when I awoke up, I knew my parents where mad at something, then I got worried they started saying my name. I had no choice but to listen to wat they where talking about "we have to send her to England" "but who will she live with?" "My sister Leslie!" "But we don't have a plane ticket" "I'm going to buy one Orita! "We have to send her as soon as possible"   Where they really going to send me to England?!  I wasn't going to let this happen! "YOUR GOING TO SEND ME TO ENGLAND?!" "Oh Jasmine how long have you been listening?!" "Long enough to hear that I'm going to England" I started to cry. "Yes, miha your going but only till we get things right with the cholos.." "I'm not leaving!" "Jasmine, we have no choice but to send you. I already bought the ticket, your leaving tomorrow" I started to cry again. It was a nightmare, that came true 


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