I have lived a thousand years

Jasmine lives in Mexico & her family is in danger, her family is being threaten.
Her family has sent her to Doncaster, England to live with her Aunt Leslie
She gets on the wrong train & travel to Bradford instead! She has no where to live so she sleeps in homeless shelters. She's to young to stay there for more then 5 days so they send her to a home that is willing to keep her there... She ends up in one of one directions members house, Zayn Malik! She dosnt like him for a while but everything changes over one night..


2. I can't go,

I woke up today is the day, the day that I'm going to england. I woke up crying. Ill miss all the parties, my best friends, my family .

i can't go, if I go my family HAS TO GO! "Pack your things Jasmine" I heard my dad say. I only have 5 hours till my plane leaves. 

I'm going to make the last few hours in Mexico the best! But first I gotta pack. I packed my clothes, makeup & such, and most of all my notebook... My notebook has all my memories from when I was 10 till now, I'm 17 so this notebook means a lot to me -.-


3 hours later

"Jasmine get in the car!" I heard my moms voice this time. I went to grab my luggage. I gave my room one last look and went on.. I went to go give my brother a hug, I was going I miss him least of all ^_^! Nah he's my brother I love him. 




when i arrived I went with a cab guy that had my name on it, I guess it was my aunt Leslie's taxi guy.

He took me to a trai station and gave me my ticket the next thing I knew he was gone, I was on my own now.

i tried to find the station or stop that had the number like the one on my card, I had found it and I waited till it was time to abored


i had gotten on the train were half way there. But then... "WE ARE HALF WAY TO BRADFORD, ENGLAND" said the train driver or watever conducter. I was not supposed to be going to BRADFORD! I was supposed to be going to DONCASTER!!!! 

I grabbed my stuff & went to the lady who was stamping tickets, "um excuse me. Isn't this the train to Doncaster?" I said worried 

"no ma'm this is to Bradford" the nice lady told me "SHIT!" I told her angry "excuse me?!" Then I went back to my seat... I'm going to Bradford, Bradford, England! 



Sorry if its short ^_^ ill make it longer next time

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