Dont you worry, child

Before I start this, Im not sure about the rating or the category so... *START* Hi im Hayley, my lifes never been normal and it probably never will be, im only 16 but ive had enough already. And im not just saying it. My mum is dead because dad killed her when I was 6 and ive lived in terror ever since for me and Jack (my 12 year old brother), in fear that he would kill us, hes just a drug addict and an addict to abusing me. One day, I'll get out of this hell hole..One day..


2. Chapter 2

I bolt up with cold sweat literally dripping from my forehead. Im sick of that nightmare that memory always has to come back and haunt me.

I crawl up off the floor over to my clothes, My only set of clothes.

A black t-shirt and black jeans. Im bullied everyday because of these well I used to be when I was even allowed out of the house, anyhow, I put them on and look around my room.

Cold, dark, damp and no bed only a floor which I have to curl up on everynight.

I see my 12 year old brother curled up in a corner at the far side of the tiny room.

I sigh and become my housework for father and wait for my morning beating.

Hey i only get two or more because I made a deal that my brother doesnt get hurt he doesnt deserve any of this but I do, Im a horrible daughter, now I understand why he wants rid of me but yet he wont let me out of the house.

I run to the toilet and am sick everywhere. He's so going to kill me.

But this has been happening everyday.. He comes down and notices with a happy expression and says, "Your pregnant!"



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